End Mass Migration


EMM is a campaign organisation that has been set up by a group of immigration experts from academia, think tanks, politics and the media. We are determined to challenge the myth that mass immigration is beneficial to the UK when it is actually causing enormous economic, social, cultural and political damage to our country.

EMM needs the help of the British public to challenge the government on this existential issue. Only by concerted and determined action can we make sure that the government responds to public anger and frustration around immigration. We have been ignored for decades. EMM aims to ensure our concerns are neglected no longer.



We demand a massive reduction in immigration. Immigration levels are currently entirely unsustainable and are destroying the economic, social and cultural fabric of our society.

We demand a referendum on legally limiting the number of immigrants who can come to the UK every year. None of the major political parties are listening to public concern on this issue as they are all in favour of mass immigration. In our current first-past-the-post voting system, they can continue to ignore us. Only a referendum forcing the political class to limit immigration can bring about reductions in numbers.

We demand an open and honest conversation about immigration. No real debate about mass immigration is being allowed to happen. While the majority of the public wants immigration reduced, this is not being acknowledged or discussed within most of the political establishment, mainstream media or academia.

We demand that the pro-mass immigration industry be exposed and dismantled in order to establish an immigration system that benefits the British people instead of narrow and powerful vested interests.

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