End Mass Migration


Mass immigration poses an existential threat to the future of our country. EMM has been set up to stop this destructive process by giving a voice to the British people making it clear that we won’t be taken for granted any longer. However, we not only face a treacherous political class determined to see mass immigration continue unabated, but an enormously entrenched and well-funded pro-mass immigration industry including corporate interests, the higher education sector and immigration lawyers.’

This is not a level playing field, but with your help, EMM is willing to take on this industry. We need you to campaign with us, we need you to distribute literature and we need you to spread the word about EMM, but above all we need money. Without it, we cannot effectively fight back. Please help us build a war chest on behalf of the British people in order that we can restore sanity to our immigration system and ensure that it benefits us and our children rather than the selfish and conceited interests of those who are actively undermining our great country.

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